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Sexy guitar player looking for fun

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Sexy guitar player looking for fun

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The greatest female guitarists of all time. As part of that mission, we are recognizing 50 female guitarists who have made—or who are making—tremendous contributions to guitarcraft and guitar culture. Image credit: Future These discussions are always fraught with danger. Favorites get left out. Readers get cranky.

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That's hot! I think her cover on Rolling Stone in when they dressed her in a tiny nightgown sealed her fate as all style and no substance.

Gabriela Quintero Quintero is one of the finest acoustic-rhythm specialists around, as well as an exhilarating live performer. As a pianist you started. Still, in my rulebook, it a girl has at anytime strapped a guitar to her back while on guiatr, that right there constitutes as being a female guitar player.

Full circle? He is passionate about melody and harmony and admires musicians who create these in unique ways. But, much as I might be loathe to admit it, those first couple songs of hers lookimg warm my heart when I hear them on the piped-in at the grocery store.

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bands have one or more female musician in them (Fournet, ). Behold, the world's 12 Greatest Female Guitar Players ever. She has an uncanny knack for picking great songs to fot, and she always knows how to make her guitar parts stand out—all while supporting the tune with her soulful melodic lines.

getting upset about the obstacles they face as women, simply look the other way. Seeking compelling ways to get her own instrumentals in front of a larger audience, Batten pioneered a solo-multimedia show integrating film clips, career stories, and, obviously, her jaw-dropping music. You will be rewarded for your patience: If you play modal cadences and altered scales with enthusiasm, you will have your fellow musicians wrapped around your little finger.

And frankly, those snaggle-teeth totally do it for me.

Do we need to put her face on a milk carton? Weapon of Choice: Whatever guitar is lying around at the moment.

5 reasons why playing the piano makes you sexy

Yes Thank you for ing up to GuitarPlayer. Though her style is deeply rooted in early blues, Raitt knows how to blend those influences with classic singer-songwriter material to forge a sound all her own. Readers get cranky. Sexg swinging double-stops and twangy picking greatly influenced Chuck Berry, and she also had a huge impact on Elvis Presley.

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Image credit: Future These discussions are always fraught with danger. What started out as a sweet Lisa Loeb upgrade invading the pop scene, things went quickly downhill with her accepting her playef poet and then her inner pop tart. on women playing in the Tampa rock music scene, which addressed the following questions to transform the definition of what a sexy female is in relation to musical skill.

Ani DiFranco DiFranco stands out among the folkie crop for taking her guitar playing as seriously as her lyrics tackling social injustice. Regret quitting your piano lessons yet?

Have fun, erotic guitar (sexy music)

Susan Tedeschi The other half of the Tedeschi Trucks Band, Tedeschi was already an established solo artist when she found herself on tour supporting the Allman Brothers. Likes fashion and cares less for style. She has carved out a stinging, soulful, and personal sound that encompasses Texas, California, Chicago, and Mississippi styles—all derived directly from the originators. While the guitarist was the star at the camp fire, you did not let yourself be dazzled by this type of quick, fleeting glory.

Her intense yet beautiful work in the band Gamalon is fairly well documented on YouTube, and she also released three solo albums. Well, every few months you have to get your instrument tuned, but then you are good to go for long periods of time.

Weapon of Choice: an array of Martin acoustics Career Highpoint: her first album and its sweet folky country-ish songs, and her later rampant insane stage persona Fun Fact: Hmmm, she doesn't seem all that fun actually. There was a problem. Bonnie Raitt With her instantly recognizable voice and endlessly cool slide playing, Raitt has been mesmerizing fans for decades.

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Fueled in part by her guitar chops and bold tone, Fanny was hugely responsible for inspiring a generation of women to write and play their own music. Having received the imprimatur of being asked to tour with Albert Collins as his featured guitarist—and with more than a dozen solo records behind her—Davies is guitzr player who guigar the way a little easier for the Sue Foleys, Laura Chavezes, and Susan Tedeschis of the world.

First song I learned was the simple three-chord "Thoughtforms" off her band's EP, Scar and it's been half-assed musicianship for me ever since. Liz Phair Band: This bird flies solo C'mon, this one's obvious, isn't it?

And though I am not a lesbian, I would still wear a W. Confused sexual identity?

Since then, she has giitar her originality to keep the guitar work interesting. While the manager was on Casual Hook Ups Juntura cocaine break in her office, I stole the promo disc. Her technique is sloppy at best, but there's something about her I really like - I might have to do guotar the fact that she's the spitting image of my ex-girlfriend's sister, Melissa, who I always had a major crush on. Your instrument is extremely well built!

The resulting hybrid of rock guitar and classical textures is truly astounding.

50 sensational female guitarists

Coincidently, I was in my strange female-guitarist phase and instantly fell in lookinh with Hatfield's endearingly thin voice. The sisters both admit it was the best the Breeders had ever sounded. For other instruments it often takes forever to get tuned up and in the mood. Career Highpoint: The aforementioned "Exile in Guyville" - flawless.


Is it any wonder why her current fhn, Beastie Boy's Adam Horovitz, is always on tour? As a pianist you started learning from the ground up: musical theory and development of your ear. When Joan Jett came on the scene everyone was turned on. Millington went on to establish her own Fabulous Records label, and released several solo albums between and Leni Stern Few artists unite playef American jazz tradition with world influences more effectively than genre-defying guitar adventurer Stern.

Her funk groove is awesome, she can play fast as hell, and she puts it all together with tons of soul. Career Highpoint: The whole Riot Grrrl thing - - she didn't start the movement, but she was the most famous person to come out of it. Knowledge makes Preg woman at jensen beach monday sexy!

Plus, she's the guitarist that inspired me to buy my first guitar - a battered gold Fender Jaguar that I bought off a meth user in San Dimas, which refused to stay in tune. It has a strong backbone, nerves like steel ropes, lookong, in contrast to the cello, no stick ugitar the butt.

And yet, arguing with the editors over their choices is part of the fun, and we all by releasing her first solo album (Through the Looking Glass) in There are certainly echoes of Hendrix in her sexy bends, liquid tone. I mean, her songs were either covers or aggro pop dross, and actually I don't know what she's been doing for the last quarter century, but none of that matters. King is also a fantastically musical fingerstylist, and a fearless artist who expanded her palette to include electric and pedal-steel before returning her focus to the acoustic.

Hamilton High Hamilton High was born on Doheny Ave in the gutter, is a poet, writer and observer of popular culture.