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Big chocolate dick 4 Challacombe

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Big chocolate dick 4 Challacombe

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Smaller than expected But my friend loved it so David P. She ate it in one bite. I think I'm in love! Katie W.

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I sent the dick to one of my good friends who lives alone and so has been having a hard time during the shelter in place. B day gift for my lil bro!!!!

Both had no clue who sent it and spent a week trying to figure out who did. These dicks have been around for awhile, much like Chaallacombe buttholes had been when we blew those up a few months back. Willie M.

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Katie W. Was wrapped as a birthday gift, the reaction was priceless! Roxanne C. Great gag gift for two of my good friends.

Very, very detailed. It such a funny gift joke.

Tim L. Pranked my boss at work who we call "The Don" w this chocolate surprise!

Jennifer S. Audrianna C.

The don box - chocolate dick

Dick at Your Door has chocolate, well, dicks, which means you have new and exciting options. Left it on the seat of his truck as he gets a candy bar each morning while gassing up also It's like four inches big.

He hates me now Stacy L. You can explore your options, which are cchocolate vegan, herebut the reviews of a product are generally more telling than the sight of it, no? It was awesome!!!

My parents did not. I actually sent this to myself, so I could directly give it as Christmas gift.

Last I heard from you, you were extremely interested in chocolate buttholesif I divk correctly. Chocolate is in Nicholas Y. I pranked her every year and she loves chocolate.

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Shipped anonymously from our warehouse in San Diego, Ca. I laughed for about a week both anticipating the arrival, and upon my choolate pondering who sent him a chocolate dick. Timothy S. Chelsea F.

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It was a real day maker! Patricia L.

Came quick, no pun intended Mark W. Broaden your horizons, though, and these dicks become perfect gifts for any birthday, bachelorette party, white elephant exchange, surprise for your enemies, and so much more! Customer Randomly sent my sister a dick Bigg the mail. Kevin S.

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Kristy M. Items are not guaranteed to be delivered within a certain timeframe, as many carriers are experiencing delays due to covid Smaller than expected But my friend loved it so David P.

Aly M. It was great when he figured it out. I sent this to a friend as GAG gift.